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Epemidium P.E

(info3 at healthynaturalcolor dot com)
【English name】Epemidium P.E(Icariin and lcariins )
【Resource】 Epimedium
【Appearance】brown yellow powder
【Test Methed】HPLC
【Packing type】:25kg/carton, 2.5kg/bags
1.Stimulate sense nerves
2.Promote sex activity
3.Have therapeutic effect on sexual disorder and immunologic 4.inadequacy,especially erectile dysfunction
5.Prevent and treat osteoporosis
6.Increase blood flow in coronary artery
Mail box: info3 at healthynaturalcolor dot com
koralle12 at hotmail dot com
wendy3180353 at yahoo dot cn
Tel: 0086-452-6188322
Fax: 0086-452-6101659
Category: Health & Beauty / Cosmetics Placement Date: Aug 06, 2010 GMT
Company name: DaXingAnLing Koralle Bioengineering Co.,Ltd.(info3@healthynaturalcolor.com) Company type: Importer, Manufacturer, Service
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State: (Premium Membership required) Country: China Epemidium P.E
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