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Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd.

Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd is an experienced professional manufacturer of high precision resistors and ultra high precision resistors.
Thunder Precision Resistors has more than 20 years of experience in development, design and manufacturing qualified precision resistors. All production is strictly controlled and follows an extensive set of instructions established in production procedure for reproducibility which was introduced in 1988 with USD400,000.00.
Thunder Precision Resistors passed the ISO9000:2000 auditing by BSI and had won the approval of RAB, RVA and UKAS in 1998.
The quality management system had been upgraded into ISO9001:2008 in June 2010 after production base transferring from Shenzhen to new factory buildings in Ganzhou successfully.
SP Precision Components Co., Ltd was established in 2000 as a subsidiary company of Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd., it is a special window of abroad market dealing with all input and output business.
SP Precision Components Co., Ltd. Passed the ISO9000:2000 auditing by BSI and had won the approval of RAB and UKAS with the same certificate number as Thunder Precision Resistors in 2002.
Thunder Precision Resistors provides most comprehensive ranges of innovative resistor solutions for medical, communications, weighting scales, industrial facilities, military equipments and instrumentation markets, high quality power supplies worldwide.
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] 0.05%& 0.1%: MELF type precision resistors
  2. [Sell] 0.01% to 0.025%: High Precision resistor networks:
  3. [Sell] Ultra high precision resistors are UPR
  4. [Sell] high precision resistor & high precision resistor
  5. [Sell] Ultra high precision resistor:UPR from China
  6. [Sell] 0.01%:High Precision resistor networks:
  7. [Sell] 0.01% :High Precision resistor networks:
  8. [Sell] High Precision resistor and high precision networ
  9. [Sell] Precision resistor and ultra high precision networ
  10. [Sell] Precision and ultra high precision networ
  11. [Sell] Precision and ultra high precision networ
  12. [Sell] Precision & ultra high precision resistor array
  13. [Sell] high precision resistor array
  14. [Sell] 0.01%/ultra High-Precision-resistor-networks
  15. [Sell] Ultra High-Precision-resistor 0.01% networks:0.01%
  16. [Sell] 0.05% & 0.25%: MELF precision resistors
  17. [Sell] 0.025% to 0.01%: High Precision resistor networks:
  18. [Sell] MELF resistors;Cylindrical type SMT resistors
  19. [Sell] Thunder Precision Resistors makes precision resist
  20. [Sell] 1ppm/K;0.01%; high precision resistor networks

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