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plaidstex uniform

Plaidstex Uniform, Converter and wholesaler of
Advanced yarn dyed plaid and solid woven fabrics,Piece Goods for School Uniform Manufacturers.
School uniforms: Jumpers,Skirts,Kilts,Skorts,Blouses,Pants,Oxfords,Shirt,Polo shirts,Tops,Shorts.
We have the finest reputation for quality and service.
From start to finish our products always meet the highest standards.
Plaidstex Uniform
Dongting,Wuxi,Jiangsu,China 214000
Tel: 086-510-88641188
Company name: plaidstex uniform Company type: Importer, Other
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] sell chemical fabric, polyester fabric 58/60
  2. [Sell] sell 100% spun polyester plaid fabric 58/60
  3. [Sell] sell 100% polyester satin, dull satin 58/60
  4. [Sell] sell polyester bridal satin 58/60
  5. [Sell] sell polyester plaid fabrics 58/60
  6. [Sell] sell school uniform,skirt,jumper
  7. [Sell] sell polyester yarn dyed plaid fabric 58/60
  8. [Sell] sell polyester yarn dyed plaid fabric 58/60
  9. [Sell] sell poly plaid fabric 8/60
  10. [Sell] sell 100% polyester yarn dyed plaid 58/60
  11. [Sell] Sell 100% polyester plaid fabric

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