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jiangsu sanyou fabric

Jiangsu SanYou Fabric,One big textile manufacture and supplier of Jiangsu China.
We have much experience in supplying fabrics and garments to all over the world.

We supply:
100% polyester fabric:satin,Crepe satin,Dull satin,Bridal satin,Spandex,Chemurse satin.
100% Polyester Chiffon,Polyester Pongee,Polyester Taffeta,Polyester Peach Skin.

100% Linen,100% Ramie fabric.Linen/cotton,Linen/rayon.Linen stretch series.

Knitting fabric,Yarn dyed fabric,Chinese satin,Brocade satin fabric.

All over Eyelet embroidery fabric,border,two tone,three tone eyelet Embroidered fabric.
Tulle,Organza Lace.Eyelet Lace,Chemical Lace, Solubile Lace,Crocheted Lace.

Cotton fabric.T/C broadcloth,Poplin fabric.Jacquard,drapery,Upholstery, Sofa fabric.
Others,Pls check our website: www.fabric-shirt.com

Best Regards

JiangSu SanYou Fabric
East Kiosk,Wuxi City,JiangSu China 214111
Phone:(510) 8864-1188
Fax:(510) 8406-0238
Email: sanyoufabric@163.com
Company name: jiangsu sanyou fabric Company type: Importer, Manufacturer, Other
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Offers list from this company:

  1. [Sell] supply 100% polyester taffeta 58/60
  2. [Sell] supply 100% polyester pongee 58/60
  3. [Sell] supply polyester yarn dyed stripe fabric 58/60
  4. [Sell] supply cotton poplin 40x40 133x72 57/58
  5. [Sell] supply 100% ramie 21x21 52x58 54/55
  6. [Sell] supply t/c poplin 45x45 110x76 58/60
  7. [Sell] supply nylon spandex tricot fabric 58/60
  8. [Sell] supply cotton spandex poplin 40x40+40d 133x72 50/52
  9. [Sell] supply chinese brocade satin fabric 58/60
  10. [Sell] supply silk brocade satin fabric 58/60
  11. [Sell] supply all over eyelet embroidery fabric 54/55
  12. [Sell] supply 100% polyester chiffon 58/60
  13. [Sell] supply t/c broadcloth 45x45 110x76 58/60
  14. [Sell] supply 100% linen 9x9 44x43 54/55
  15. [Sell] supply 100% ramie 21x21 60x60 54/55
  16. [Sell] supply 100% polyester dull satin,back crepe satin 58/60
  17. [Sell] supply all over eyelet embroidery fabric
  18. [Sell] supply 100% linen 14x14 54x54 54/55
  19. [Sell] supply border eyelet embroidery fabric 54/55
  20. [Sell] supply cotton Polo shirt

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